PhD students

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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
Adams Arthur UNIBE E-Mail Dolomitization, diagenesis and lithofacies analysis of the Upper Muschelkalk in NE Switzerland: Emphasis on sedimentological controls on reservoir properties Prof. Larryn Diamond
Prof. Anneleen Foubert
Alcanie Marion UNIGE E-Mail fluid flow modeling in the great Geneva basin Matteo Lupi
Aliyev Fuad UNIFR E-Mail Tectonic and geodynamic conditions of the seismic zones of the Greater Caucasus area (within Azerbaijan borders). Prof. Jon Mosar
Amsler Eri UNIBE E-Mail Reconstruction of the ACC dynamics during the past glacial cycle using a latitudinal transect of sediment cores from the SW Indian Ocean
Andjic Goran UNIL - Terrains océaniques accrétés d'âge Crétacé du Costa Rica et du Nicaragua Peter O. Baumgartner
Angéloz Aurélie UNIGE E-Mail Geothermy reservoirs in Geneva area : study of potential equivalents (Southern Germany) Elias Samankassou
Ascarrunz Eduardo UNIFR E-Mail The phylogeny of extant and past geoemydids (Testudines) Walter Joyce
Bakri Abdalla UNIGE E-Mail Saharan and Martian drainage networks Sebastien Castelltort
Barrenechea Angeles Ines UNIGE E-Mail Environmental genomics applied to marine biodiversity (past and present). Daniel Ariztegui
Jan Pawlowski
Baumann Traine Valérie UNIGE E-Mail Lahars hazard assessment related with the Cordon Caulle 2011 volcanic eruption, Chile Prof. Costanza Bonadonna
Dra Irène Manzella
Beccari Valentina UNIFR E-Mail Unconventional carbonate factories in the Eastern Mediterranean: cold water coral ecosystems and seeps Silvia Spezzaferri
Anneleen Foubert
Benoit Lionel UNIL E-Mail Mesure et caractérisation de la pluie à fine résolution temporelle et spatiale Grégoire Mariéthoz - Institut IDYST - Faculté de Géosciences et de l'Environnement - Université de Lausanne
Bilobé Jeanne Armelle UNIGE E-Mail tectonosedimentaire Elias Samankassou
BLATTMANN Franziska UNIL E-Mail Quantifying decamillennial changes in carbon cycling, climatic and biotic responses to Late Permian-Early Triassic Volcanism Prof. Torsten Vennemann
BOIVIN Simon UNIGE E-Mail Evolutionary turnover of reefal and coral associations after the Triassic-Jurassic crisis highlighted via the study of the lowermost Jurassic reefs. Rossana Martini (Université de Genève)
Bernard Lathuilière (Université de Lorraine)
Borel Christophe UNIL E-Mail Biodynamic and effects modelling of hydrophobic compounds on sediment dwelling and freshwater organisms Dr Nathalie Chèvre - UNIL
Dr Benoît Jean Dominique Ferrari - Centre Ecotox - EPFL
Bouscary Chloé UNIBE E-Mail Luminescence dating and landscape evolution of the Himalaya, Nepal Dr. King Georgina
Prof. Herman Frédéric Prof. Anselmetti Flavio
Brentini Maud UNIGE E-Mail Subsurface stratigraphy and architecture of the Geneva Basin Prof. Andrea Moscariello
BUREK Irena UNIFR E-Mail Morphological evolution of Crocodylomorpha Prof. Walter G. Joyce
Dr. Jérémy Anquetin (Jurassica Museum)
CAPELLI Ignacio UNIL E-Mail Clay mineral analysis of the Vaca Muerta-Quintuco system (Tithonian-Valanginian) of the Neuquén Basin, Argentina Karl Föllmi
Thierry Adatte
Cardot Romain UNIL E-Mail Dynamique des sédiments au niveau des confluences. Secteurs à définir sur le Rhône, de sa source aux Léman. Stuart Lane
Darion Ventra
Castro Contreiras de Carvalho Ignes Augusta UNIL E-Mail Sustainable Business Models using the Industrial Ecology approach Suren Erkman
CHEN Chen UNIGE E-Mail Sedimentology/PETM/Geology Pr. Sébastien Castelltort Department of Earth Sciences University of Geneva, Switzerland
Cotte Gabriel UNIL E-Mail Isotope hydrology : study of Lake Geneva's dynamic using stable isotopic composition Torsten Vennemann
De Carvalho Garbin Rafaella UNIFR E-Mail Evolution of the shell of geoemydid turtles Walter G. Joyce
DECRAENE Marie-noelle UNIL E-Mail Iron and sulfur isotope signatures in micropyrites: constraints on the formation processes of the stromatolites from extreme environments. Johanna Marin Carbonne
Del Piero Nicolo UNIGE E-Mail Sedimentology, stratigraphy and high resolution geochemistry of the Upper Triassic carbonates from Stikinia and Wrangellia terranes, U.S.A. Prof. Rossana Martini
DEMBÉLÉ Moctar UNIL E-Mail Water Accounting Plus for sustainable water resources management of the Volta River Basin, West Africa Prof. Bettina Schaefli
Prof. Grégoire Mariéthoz
Diaz Nathalie UNIL E-Mail The origin of the enigmatic Tropical Carbonate Mounds (TCM) along the Sahelo-Soudanian belt (North Cameroon). Prof. Eric Verrecchia
Dieleman Catharina UNIBE E-Mail Isochron-burial dating of Swiss Quaternary sediments Naki Akçar
Dietrich Fabienne UNIL E-Mail Enigmatic tropical carbonate mounds : Their origin and the calcium biogeochimical cycle Pr. Eric Verrecchia
Drage Harriet UNIL E-Mail The evolution of exoskeleton moulting in Trilobita Professor Allison Daley
Dr Gregory Edgecombe, Dr Sebastian Shimeld, Professor Paul Smith
EDWARD Oluwaseun UNIL E-Mail Quantifying decamillenial changes in carbon cycling, climatic and biotic responses to Late Permian-Early Triassic volcanism Professor Torsten Vennemann
El Kateb Akram UNIFR E-Mail Benthic foraminiferal biomonitoring: a low cost tool to evaluate anthropogenic impact: a case study in the Gulf of Gabes (Tunisia). Dr Silvia Spezzaferri
Eymard Ines UNIGE E-Mail Approche In Situ et experimentale des Stromatolites du lac Cari Laufquen en Patagonie Daniel Ariztegui
Fantasia Alicia UNIL E-Mail A sedimentological and geochemical analysis of Lower Toarcian sediments across a Swiss transect: Evaluating the impact of the Toarcian Anoxic Event Karl B. Föllmi
Farley Nicholas UNIGE E-Mail Late Holocene climate variability in the South Pacific using Polynesian microatolls to produce the stable isotope climate signals. Elias Samankassou
Fau Marine UNIFR E-Mail Comparative anatomy and phylogeny of post Paleozoic Asteroidea (Echinodermata) Pr. Walter Joyce
Feenstra Eline UNIFR E-Mail Understanding the temporal and spatial variability of early diagenesis in carbonate mounds: in vitro experiments Prof. Anneleen Foubert
FENTIMEN ROBIN UNIFR E-Mail Micropaleontology Title of the PhD project : "Faunal assemblages from active, declining and buried cold-water coral assemblages" Silvia Spezzaferri
FERRANTE Christophe UNIGE E-Mail Evolutionary pace in the coelacanth clade - New evidence from the Triassic of Switzerland. (Provisional title) Rossana Martini
Lionel Cavin
Fischer Gyöngyvér, Jennifer UNIGE E-Mail Géologie de la subsurface de Mayaguana (SE Bahamas). Pascal Kindler
FUCELLI Andrea UNIGE E-Mail Sedimentology, stratigraphy and high resolution geochemistry of the Upper Triassic carbonates from Hosselkus Limestone (California) and Luning Formation (Nevada). Prof. Rossana Martini
Sylvain Rigaud
Gegg Lukas UNIBE E-Mail The Pleistocene history of the Lower Aare Valley
Giaccone Elisa UNIL E-Mail The influence of geomorphological parameters on vegetation in the Alpine periglacial environment Christophe Lambiel
Grégoire Mariéthoz
Gravey Mathieu UNIL E-Mail Extracting new information from old satellite imagery by using n->m colorization Gregoire Mariethoz
Haddad Antoine UNIGE E-Mail Fluid Migration in active tectonive environments. Greece. Matteo Lupi
Hamaekers Helen UNIFR E-Mail Domaine: Microbial precipitation of Mg-carbonates Prof. Dr. Anneleen Foubert
Prof. Dr. Rudy Swennen (Belgique)
Hayman Stephanie UNIFR E-Mail Foraminifera and carbonates as archives of sea level changes. Dr Silvia Spezzaferri
Prof. DIck Kroon
Honegger Louis UNIGE E-Mail Climatic and δ13C signal in the marine and continental deposits of the early Eocene Pyrenean foreland basin, Spain Sébastien Castelltort
Hunger Gabriel UNIGE E-Mail The Miocene Mariño Formation (central Argentinian foreland, Mendoza Region): a high-resolution study of sedimentary and palaeoenvironmental responses to tectonic and climatic forcing Andrea Moscariello
Irarrazaval Bustos Inigo UNIL E-Mail Subglacial drainage modelling using multiple point geostatistics Gregoire Mariethoz
Jiwani-Brown Elliot UNIGE E-Mail Monitoring the effects of seismic energy on the hydrothermal setting of the Irazu Turrialba Volcanic Complex Matteo Lupi -
Thomas Planes -
Lauper Bruno UNIFR E-Mail Transition from Upper Opalinus Clay to Passwang Formation, northern Switzerland Prof. Anneleen Foubert
Dr. David Jaeggi (swisstopo), Dr. Gaudenz Deplazes (Nagra)
Le Cotonnec Aymeric UNIGE E-Mail Dépôts fluvio-deltaïques du Carbonifère supérieur du Kentucky Andrea Moscariello
Lehmann Anaël UNIL E-Mail Paleoecological indicators in lake sediments based on a multidisciplinary approach of endospore-forming Firmicutes and the chemical and isotopic composition of sediments and organic matter Torsten Vennemann
Leila Mahmoud UNIGE E-Mail Sedimentology, organic geochemistry and reservoir characterization of the Upper Miocene sediments onshore Nile Delta, Egypt. Andrea Moscariello
Lustri Lorenzo UNIL E-Mail Synziphosurina of Fezouata
Maillet Marine UNIGE E-Mail Pennsylvanian coral reefs in Southern China Elias Samankassou
MAIR David UNIBE E-Mail Landscape evolution of the Eiger mountain range by radiomoun tomography, cosmogenic nuclide dating and structural analysis Fritz Schlunegger
Martignier Agathe UNIGE E-Mail Alkaline-earth metal precipitates in lacustrine environment: characterisation, spatio-temporal distribution and origin Daniel Ariztegui
Jean-Michel Jaquet
Moradi Gelare UNIL E-Mail Effect of the low momentum ratio on river confluences Stuart Lane (Unil)
Colin Rennie (uOttawa)
Negga Haileyesus Alemu UNIFR E-Mail Coral reef and Microbialites of the Dallol depression, Afar, Ethiopia. Anneleen Foubert
Nigg Valentin UNIBE E-Mail On-shore tsunami deposits in major Swiss lakes Prof. Flavio Anselmetti
Normand Raphaël UNIGE E-Mail Geomorphological and sedimentological signals of deformation in a silent subduction zone: An investigation in the Makran (Iran) Dr Guy Simpson
Ordoñez Luis UNIGE E-Mail Geochemical cycles in Lake Towuti, Indonesia and the dominant factors ruling Fe isotopes fractionation. Prof. Daniel Ariztegui
Pates Stephen UNIL E-Mail Predation in the Cambrian Prof. Allison Daley
Prof. Peter Holland
PÉREZ PERIS Francesc UNIL E-Mail Trilobites from the Lower Ordovician from the Fezouata locality Allison Daley
Peyrotty Giovan UNIGE E-Mail The Upper Triassic atoll-type carbonates of Japan : Sedimentology and high resolution biostratigraphy Rossana Martini
Quesada Román Adolfo UNIGE E-Mail Deciphering natural hazard histories based on tree-ring analyses in contrasting tropical ecosystems of Costa Rica Markus Stoffel
Juan Antonio Ballesteros Cánovas
Randevoson Finaritra UNIL E-Mail La voie oxalate-carbonate et les réservoirs de carbone du sol. Comportement des phases carbonatées et organiques en fonction des caractéristiques édaphiques Professeur Eric Verrecchia
Professeur Gabrielle Rajoelison ( Université d'Antananarivo, Madagascar)
Rasera Luiz Gustavo UNIL E-Mail Fusing multiple sources of remote sensing data using textural information: high-resolution, high-frequency monitoring in alpine environments Prof. Grégoire Mariéthoz Prof. Stuart Lane
Rauch Anna UNIGE E-Mail Evaluation of uncertainties in geological spatial data with focus on bedrock geology maps Sébastien Castelltor
Mario Sartori
Ricchi Emmanuelle UNIGE E-Mail Age and crystallization duration of Alpine cleft monazite and correlation with tectonically-driven hydrothermal dissolution/precipitation events. Edwin Gnos
Urs Schaltegger
Rigoussen Dimitri UNIL E-Mail Petrography and biogeochemistry of Quaternary carbonate deposits observed in the Chobe Enclave Botswana Eric Verrecchia
Rime Valentin UNIFR E-Mail Basin analysis of the Danakil depression, Afar, Ethiopia Anneleen Foubert
Rowley Mike UNIL E-Mail Investigating Ca-mediated soil organic carbon stabilisation at the Vallon de Nant, Vaud Alps. Eric Verrecchia
Stéphanie Grand
Rudaz Benjamin UNIL E-Mail Dynamique sédimentaire torrentielle alpine, de l'érosion de chaîne par mouvement gravitaire à l'aléa local lié aux transferts de masse par les cours d'eau à régime torrentiels. Professeur Michel Jaboyedoff
Schaegis Jean-Charles UNIFR E-Mail Carbonate Sedimentology
Scheidt Schmitt Nicole Cristina UNIFR E-Mail Fault anatomy, porosity and pore connectivity: the La Sarraz Fault system Prof. Jon Mosar (UNIFR)
Prof Benoît Valley (UNINE) benoî Prof. Stephen Miller (UNINE)
Schoellhorn Iris UNIL E-Mail Etude sédimologique et géochimique du Rhaetien jusau'au Pliensbachien (paléoclimats, paléoenvironnmenets et phosphatogenèse) Karl Föllmi
Silva Luz Zoneibe Augusto UNIL E-Mail Characterizing conodont biominerals from the Early-Triassic: an analytical and paleoclimatological approach Torsten Vennemann
SOMMER Philipp s. UNIL E-Mail Numerical tools and software solutions for palaeoclimate analysis Basil A. S. Davis
Stalder Nadja UNIL E-Mail Interaction between climate, tectonic, and erosion
Stockar Rudolf UNIL E-Mail Evolution of a Ladinian (Middle Triassic) intraplatform basin: Stratigraphy, microfacies and palaeoecology of the Meride Limestone (Monte San Giorgio, Canton Ticino, Southern Switzerland) Prof. Peter O. Baumgartner
SUBEDI Shiba UNIL E-Mail Seismology at school in Nepal education and crowdsourcing Prof Dr. György Hetényi
Dr. Anne Sauron, HES-SO, Sion
SURDEZ Morgane UNIFR E-Mail Lithic materials from Avenches (VD): Characterisation, origin, utilisation Prof. Vincent Serneels
Verónica Sofia Ferreira Antunes UNIGE E-Mail Seismic activity in the Great Geneva Basin
Vimpere Lucas UNIGE E-Mail Multi-scale quantitative sedimentology of Upper Pleistocene coastal dunes from the Northern Bahamas and Western Australia.
Waldvogel Marius UNIBE E-Mail Waterproofing membranes with enhanced mechanical properties Prof. Dr. Marco Herwegh
Widmann Philipp UNIGE E-Mail High precision dating of environmental responses during smithian-spatian biotic crisis URS SCHALTEGGER Professor Head of Isotope Geochemistry group rue des Maraîchers 13, office B53 +41 (0)22 379 66 38
YAO Franck Zokou UNIL E-Mail evaluation du bilan ressources-demandes en eau pour une adaptation aux changements climatiques et anthropiques en zone soudano sahelienne d'Afrique de l'ouest: cas du bassin versant du Bandama blanc au nord de la Côte d'Ivoire Prof Issiaka SAVANE
Prof Emmanuel REYNARD