Admission, requirements and recommendations for doctoral students

All doctoral students in Earth Sciences from CUSO sites can register. Doctoral students in Earth Sciences from non-CUSO sites and doctoral students from other disciplines who would like to register are kindly asked to contact earth-processes(at)cuso(dot)ch or andres.rueggeberg(at)unifr(dot)ch

At least 12 credit points must be accumulated during the thesis period to receive the ESPP certificate.


The ESPP is steered by a committee. The committee defines the structuring and functioning of the doctoral school, it decides on the yearly courses offered, on the admission of doctoral students and it delivers the certificates of the ESPP. The committee consists of two representatives per CUSO site (one senior staff and one doctoral student) working in the field of Earth Surface Processes and Paleobiosphere. The members of the committee elect a president (professor or senior scientist).


The committee meets as often as necessary after invitation by the president. Two members of the committee can request a meeting. Decisions are taken by simple majority voting. In case of a parity of votes the vote of the president is decisive.

For the sake of simplicity, the financial and organisational administration is located at the CUSO university of the committee president. All information, including inscription and registration forms will only be made available on the web.