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Water Accounting Plus (WA+) for sustainable water resources management of the Volta River Basin, West Africa

Author Moctar DEMBÉLÉ
Director of thesis Prof. Bettina Schaefli
Co-director of thesis Prof. Grégoire Mariéthoz
Summary of thesis The transboundary Volta basin in West Africa is vulnerable to floods and droughts that damage properties and take lives. Residents are dependent on subsistence, mainly rainfed, agriculture that is sensitive to changes and variation in the climate. The competition for scarce water resources will increase in the near future due to the combined effects of urbanization, economic development, and rapid population growth. Information on current and future water resources and uses is thus fundamental for water actors. Water Accounting Plus (WA+) is a new framework that provides estimates of manageable and unmanageable water flows, stocks, consumption among users, and interactions with land use. It is increasingly becoming the basis for decision making in water resources management. This study aims to provide quantified information on the current and projected state of the Volta basin water resources through the WA+ framework. This will allow the development and implementation of sustainable water use policies and management strategies. This study will use hydrological models, downscaled climate scenarios, satellite measurements and public domain data. The expected outputs are an assessment of the impacts of external (climate change) and internal influences (land use change) on water resources, their implications for water availability and current and projected water accounting reports. This project will be hosted at University of Lausanne, which has all required expertise and resources for a successful completion of this research.
Status finishing
Administrative delay for the defence 2020
URL https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Moctar_Dembele4
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/moctardembele/
Twitter https://twitter.com/MoctarDEMBELE