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Tectonic and geodynamic conditions of the seismic zones of the Greater Caucasus area (within Azerbaijan borders).

Author Fuad ALIYEV
Director of thesis Prof. Jon Mosar
Co-director of thesis
Summary of thesis As it is known, the Greater Caucasus is located within collision zone of the Arabian and Eurasian tectonic plates, where the Earth crust undergoes to tectonic deformations, which in its turn, results in a stress accumulation within deep earth and provokes the occurrence of the earthquakes. As a result of such geodynamic activity and complex tectonic structure, this region repeatedly experienced strong and destructive earthquakes. In this connection, studying of the seismicity of the region becomes very important in order to reduce the level of seismic risk here. One of the main aspects in assessment of the seismic hazard is the revelation of tectonic fault zones, and estimation of their parameters. The proposed project aims to develop the model of the seismotectonic zoning, along with the distribution of the active tectonic faults. The scientific idea of the project is concerned of the determination of the active fault zones that are subject to stress accumulation, which in their turn results in an earthquakes occurrence in a recent period by complex analysis of the fund materials and scientific literature. As a result of the conducted research, I expect to develop the digital seismotectonic zoning map (using GIS and MOVE tools) , where recent and predicted seismic active zones will be specified.
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