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Chemical weathering response to extreme global warming during Paleocene Eocene Hyperthermals, Southern Pyrenees, Spain

Author Rocio del Pilar JAIMES GUTIERREZ
Director of thesis Prof. Sébastien Castelltort
Co-director of thesis Prof. Emmanuelle Pucéat
Summary of thesis

This project intends to study the well-preserved source-to-sink Pyrenean Foreland basin to quantify the chemical weathering evolution in the entire sediment routing system. This will be done by combining Hf and Nd isotope analyses with clay mineralogical analyses on samples from the entire Foreland basin. The types and abundances of clay minerals will serve as a record for variations in the erosion rate and chemical weathering both by tectonically and climatically induced surface processes. Additionally, Hf and Nd isotopes, which have found to have different geochemical behaviors in Earth's surface conditions, will be used as markers for understanding chemical weathering rates and intensities. Clay and isotopic analyses will be coupled with different proxies to estimate climate variation that will serve as validation methods.

Status beginning
Administrative delay for the defence 2024