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Basin analysis of the Danakil depression, Afar, Ethiopia

Author Valentin RIME
Director of thesis Anneleen Foubert
Co-director of thesis
Summary of thesis

My research focuses on the geology of the Danakil depression, in the northern Afar, in Ethiopia. This area is a fascinating example of active continental rifting, characterized by volcanism, neo-tectonic structures and rifting-related sediments, including terrestrial deposits as well as sediments of recent sea incursions like reef carbonates and significant amount of salt. An extensive analysis of seismic data, combined with core logging and field mapping will be used to better understand the structure of the basin and provide insights into the dynamic of the opening. As the area constitute a rare example of active rifting featuring important evaporites deposition, the results of this research could be used to better understand the early stages of older similar rift system which have shaped our planet.

Administrative delay for the defence 2022