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Sequence Stratigraphy and Seismic Geomorphology


29-31 octobre, 6-8 novembre 2019

Responsable de l'activité

Sébastien Castelltort


Prof. Sébastien Castelltort, UNIGE


Jean-Loup RUBINO (Expert, TOTAL, Avenue Larribau – 64018 Pau Cedex - FRANCE)

Jacqueline Camy-Peyret (PhD, TOTAL PROFESSEURS ASSOCIES - Tour Michelet A, 24, Cours Michelet, 92800 Puteaux)


This block course aims at delivering participants current concepts and application of sequence stratigraphy in clastic systems with support of exceptional seismic geomorphology images of depositional environments preserved in the subsurface. The course is divided into two segments: 1) sequence stratigraphy (Jean-Loup Rubino), and 2) Seismic Geomorphology (Jacqueline Camy-Peyret). In the first part, participants will be provided by updated theory and concepts of sequence stratigraphy in siliciclastic systems. In the second part, participants will learn the geophysical background behind 3D seismic data and concentrate on the use of 3D seismic data for unraveling ancient depositional environments hidden in the subsurface. Both segments of the course offer a balance between frontal theoretical teachings (30%) and exercices and practicals (70%) with real case data as used in the industry.


PART §1 - 2D/3D SEISMIC GEOMORPHOLOGY (J. Camy-Peyret) - 29.-31.10.2019

I- Introduction


III-1 - Continental settings – Fluvial, Aeolian

III-2 Coastal, Deltaic & Shelf settings – Coast types and processes, Coastal, Deltaic, Shelf

III-3 Deep water – Canyons, Turbiditic channels, Sheet sands, Lobes, Contourites– Hemipelagites, Mass Transport Complexes (MTC)

III-4 Other settings – Glacial environments, Volcano, lava flow, sills, dykes, Post depositional features, Polygonal fracturing, Sand injections, Mud & sand volcanoes, Pockmarks & Fluid escape features, Impact crater

IV Carbonates & evaporites depositional systems and associated geomorphology - Ramps, Proterozoic Stromatolites, Attached platforms, Rim / Unrimmed– Isolated or detached platforms –

IV-6 Deep Water – Mud mounds & Reefs, Border of platforms & Gravity driven carbonates, Karts & Hydrothermalism, The Chalk

PART §2 - SEQUENCE STRATIGRAPHY (J.-L. Rubino) - 06.-08.11.2019

Lecture 1: Sequence stratigraphy applied to siliciclastic environments – Exercice 1: (2D) outcrop on Miocene of SE France – Exercice 2: (1D) cored well example, Jurassic of North Sea – Exercice 3: (1D) example of a well with only logs information on a Tertiary delta – Exercice 4: (2D) multi well correlations, example of Triassic in Canada

Lecture 2: Sequence stratigraphy applied to Turbidites – Exercice 6: (1D) stratigraphical analysis of a deep water well

Lecture 3: Seismic stratigraphy geometry and stratal pattern – Exercice 8: (2D) seismic stratigraphy: recognition of basic geometries – Exercice 9: (2D) system tracts picking on passive margin


Département des Sciences de la Terre, Université de Genève


Please register as soon as possible. Deadline is the start of the course.



Deadline for registration 29.10.2019
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