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“Flügel” Course on Carbonate Microfacies


4-8 April 2022

Responsable de l'activité

Anneleen Foubert


Prof. Anneleen Foubert, UNIFR; Dr. Andres Rüggeberg, UNIFR


Prof. Axel Munnecke, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

Anna Merkel, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

Prof. Anneleen Foubert, UNIFR

Dr. Andres Rüggeberg, UNIFR

Dr. Fabio Francescangeli, UNIFR


The 'Flügel' Course is an internationally renowned course in carbonate microfacies which has been running in Erlangen since 1974. It is organised by Prof. Axel Munnecke (Palaeontology department of the GeoZentrum Nordbayern, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany) and covers a wide range of topics, and is in the form of short presentations and accompanying microscope exercises. Skills will be developed on both thin sections and loose sediments. Great emphasis is placed on recent research developments in carbonate systems (e.g., cold water carbonates, deepwater reefs, bioerosion, cold seep carbonates). Prof. Munnecke will bring a unique collection of carbonate samples from around the world. It is also possible to bring your own samples to discuss with specialists.

The course will be held in English, will run for 5 days and offers 40-50% lectures and 50-60% exercises at the binocular/microscope. Following topics will be included:

  • Fundamentals of carbonate sedimentology;
  • Carbonate classification;
  • Facies models (hot, cold and deep water);
  • Microfacies analysis of thin sections;
  • Point counting;
  • Diagenesis; Dolomite / Dolostones;
  • Thin section dyeing methods;
  • Different case studies from geological history;
  • Seep carbonates; Evaporates;
  • Bioerosion

It is envisaged to offer one evening where you can present and discuss your own thin sections with the specialists accompanied with an Apéro. Additionally, a joint dinner with all participants is planned.


Content of the course:


01 Component ID-I: Skeletal Grains A. Munnecke 2.311
02 Component ID-II: Skeletal Grains A. Munnecke 2.311
03 Component ID-III: Foraminifera F. Francescangeli 2.311
04 Component ID-IV: Non-skeletal grains and microfacies criteria A. Merkel 2.312
05 Reefs through Time A. Munnecke 2.312
06 Modern tropical carbonates A. Munnecke 2.312
07 Carbonate Classification(s) and SMF types A. Merkel 2.311
08 Cold-seep carbonates and microbial carbonates A. Foubert 2.311
09 Cold-water carbonates A. Munnecke 2.311
10 Deep-water reefs A. Rüggeberg 2.311
11 Diagenesis A. Munnecke 2.301
12 Diagenesis special A. Munnecke 2.311
13 Dolomite A. Munnecke 4.310
14 Non-marine carbonates A. Foubert 2.311

Download PDF of course schedule here.



University of Fribourg





Deadline for registration 01.04.2022
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