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Exploring Geothermal Energy Systems at Sedimentary Basin Margins and Magmatic Provinces


9–17 September 2021

Responsable de l'activité

Andrea Moscariello


Prof. Andrea Moscariello, UNIGE;

Luca Guglielmetti, UNIGE


Prof. Andrea Brogi, University of Bari, Italy;

Prof. Domenico Liotta, University of Bari, Italy


The field seminar will provide a comprehensive overview of different geothermal energy systems developed at basin margin and old volcanic mountain belts. During the field seminar students will first travel to the magmatic province of Tuscany where the site of Larderello a world-class geothermal site where high-enthalpy geothermal systems was used for the first world production of electricity since the XIX century. The Elba island provides excellent exposures of an exhumed geothermal system, analogue to the Larderello. The seminar will then visit Acqui Terme another important historical geothermal site known located at the margin of the Po Plain basin where a low enthalpy system has been known since roman times. During this field seminar students will be exposed both to scientific and practical aspects of geothermal system exploration through class room and field presentations and group exercises.



Larderello, Elba Island, Acqui Terme Italy


As the number of participants is restricted, all registrations will be added to a waiting list first. Please note, that at the beginning of this excursion a student contribution is asked to cover the travel cost (CHF 300.-), however, it is envisaged to fully reimburse these costs to each student latest at the end of the year! Therefore collect and keep all receipts until the end of the year!



Deadline for registration 08.09.2021
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