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5 novembre 2021


Dr. Andres Rüggeberg, UNIFR


One lecturer (to be nominated)


The yearly ESPP day brings doctoral students and lecturers/professionals from the doctoral school together. In the morning, an invited speaker on a dedicated topic outside academia (i.e. special soft skill training for young geoscientists, good practice in geosciences,…) will give an interactive training to the students. The doctoral students have the possibility to presents shortly their research topic in flash presentations (2-3 slides). The ESPP day finishes with a discussion session in front of posters giving the students the chance to discuss and exchange their ideas with other PhD's and researchers from different partner universities.


09:00 Welcome with coffee and croissants

09:30 Introduction and news from CUSO ESPP (A. Foubert / A. Rüggeberg)


09:45–10:05 Student presentation 1 [à 15 min. and 5 min. discussion]

10:05–10:25 Student presentation 2 [à 15 min. and 5 min. discussion]

10:25–10:45 Student presentation 3 [à 15 min. and 5 min. discussion]

10:45–11:05 Student presentation 4 [à 15 min. and 5 min. discussion]


11:05–11:25 Poster flash presentation I [à 3 min.]

11:25–11:45 Discussions at the posters I


11:45–13:00 Lunch at Regina Mundi


13:00–13:20 Student presentation 5 [à 15 min. and 5 min. discussion]

13:20–13:40 Student presentation 6 [à 15 min. and 5 min. discussion]

13:40–14:00 Student presentation 7 [à 15 min. and 5 min. discussion]

14:00–14:20 Student presentation 8 [à 15 min. and 5 min. discussion]


14:20–14:40 Poster flash presentation II [à 3 min.]

14:40–15:00 Discussions at the posters II with coffee


Closure of the ESPP Day


15:00–16:30 Steering Committee Meeting


University of Fribourg


1 with presentation, 0.5 without presentation



Deadline for registration 04.11.2021
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