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Consequences of karstification, energy and water supply


Septembre-Octobre 2022


Dr. Pierre-Yves Jeannin, Directeur ISSKA, CHYN Dre Amandine Perret, ISSKA


Dr. Pierre-Yves Jeannin, Directeur ISSKA, CHYN, UNI Wien Dre Amandine Perret, ISSKA, UNI Wien Dr Philippe Häuselmann, ISSKA, UNI Wien


The first day is devoted to a general approach of karst in three time: 1) Lecture (theoretical approach: definitions, morphology, hydrology, applications). 2) Fils trip to Môtiers, on the surface and in a cave (karstic spring, cave, tracer). The second day is devoted to a more in-depth study of the particularities of karstic areas: 1) from a methodological point of view with a practical exercise using tools specially developed for karst assessment (karsys method and visual karsys) 2) from an anthropic and landscape point of view with a field trip to the Gorges of the Areuse, an exceptional site for its hydrological use (hydroelectricity and water resources) and as a site of landscape interest (karstic, hydrological, structural and glacial processes).


Môtiers and Couvet VdT (NE)



Deadline for registration 01.09.2022
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