Requirements for ESPP students

To ensure active participation, doctoral students that officially register with the ESPP are required to obtain a total of 12 credits points over the period of their engagement as a doctoral student (3-4 years).

Credit point are obtained by actively participating in courses and workshops offered by the ESPP (at least 8 credit points) or in equivalent courses offered on CUSO sites or in other places. Additional credits can be obtained with presentations at international scientific conferences.

To ensure a broadly based doctoral education a minimum of 3 credits will have to be acquired in each type of course: Methods (ME), Scientific background (SB), Soft skills (SK).

 On acquiring 12 credit points (at least 8 within the ESPP) the student obtains a certificate. If an ESPP student has at the same time registered at another officially recognised doctoral school, the number of credit points can be reduced to 6.