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Adams Arthur UNIBE Email Dolomitization, diagenesis and lithofacies analysis of the Upper Muschelkalk in NE Switzerland: Emphasis on sedimentological controls on reservoir properties Prof. Larryn Diamond
Prof. Anneleen Foubert
Alcanie Marion UNIGE Email fluid flow modeling in the great Geneva basin Matteo Lupi
Aliyev Fuad UNIFR Email Tectonic and geodynamic conditions of the seismic zones of the Greater Caucasus area (within Azerbaijan borders). Prof. Jon Mosar
Amsler Eri UNIBE Email Reconstruction of the ACC dynamics during the past glacial cycle using a latitudinal transect of sediment cores from the SW Indian Ocean
Andjic Goran UNIL Email Terrains océaniques accrétés d'âge Crétacé du Costa Rica et du Nicaragua Peter O. Baumgartner
Angéloz Aurélie UNIGE Email Geothermy reservoirs in Geneva area : study of potential equivalents (Southern Germany and Paris Basin) Elias Samankassou
Ascarrunz Eduardo UNIFR Email The phylogeny of extant and past geoemydids (Testudines) Walter Joyce
Bakri Abdalla UNIGE Email Saharan and Martian drainage networks Sebastien Castelltort
Bätz Nico UNIL - Understanding the fluvial critical zone: Linking ecology with fluvial-geomorphology Stuart Lane
Baumann Traine Valérie UNIGE Email Lahars hazard assessment related with the Cordon Caulle 2011 volcanic eruption, Chile Prof. Costanza Bonadonna
Dra Irène Manzella
Benoit Lionel UNIL Email Mesure et caractérisation de la pluie à fine résolution temporelle et spatiale Grégoire Mariéthoz - Institut IDYST - Faculté de Géosciences et de l'Environnement - Université de Lausanne
Bilobé Jeanne Armelle UNIGE Email tectonosedimentaire Elias Samankassou
BOIVIN Simon UNIGE Email Evolutionary turnover of reefal and coral associations after the Triassic-Jurassic crisis highlighted via the study of the lowermost Jurassic reefs. Rossana Martini (Université de Genève)
Bernard Lathuilière (Université de Lorraine)
Bôle Maximilien UNIL Email The Caribbean Seaway- Mesozoic ocean circulation, radiolarite distribution and the marine silicate cycle. Peter O. Baumgartner
Borel Christophe UNIL Email Biodynamic and effects modelling of hydrophobic compounds on sediment dwelling and freshwater organisms Dr Nathalie Chèvre - UNIL
Dr Benoît Jean Dominique Ferrari - Centre Ecotox - EPFL
Bouscary Chloé UNIBE Email Luminescence dating and landscape evolution of the Himalayan foreland (Nepal) Prof. Anselmetti Flavio
Dr. King Georgina
Brentini Maud UNIGE Email Subsurface stratigraphy and architecture of the Geneva Basin Prof. Andrea Moscariello
Cardot Romain UNIL Email Dynamique des sédiments au niveau des confluences. Secteurs à définir sur le Rhône, de sa source aux Léman. Stuart Lane
Castro Contreiras de Carvalho Ignes Augusta UNIL Email Sustainable Business Models using the Industrial Ecology approach Suren Erkman
CHEN Chen UNIGE Email Sedimentology/PETM/Geology Pr. Sébastien Castelltort Department of Earth Sciences University of Geneva, Switzerland
Cotte Gabriel UNIL Email Isotope hydrology : study of Lake Geneva's dynamic using stable isotopic composition Torsten Vennemann
De Carvalho Garbin Rafaella UNIFR Email Evolution of the shell of geoemydid turtles Walter G. Joyce
Del Piero Nicolo UNIGE Email Sedimentology, stratigraphy and high resolution geochemistry of the Upper Triassic carbonates from Stikinia and Wrangellia terranes, U.S.A. Prof. Rossana Martini
Diaz Nathalie UNIL Email The origin of the enigmatic Tropical Carbonate Mounds (TCM) along the Sahelo-Soudanian belt (North Cameroon). Prof. Eric Verrecchia
Dietrich Fabienne UNIL Email Enigmatic tropical carbonate mounds : Their origin and the calcium biogeochimical cycle Pr. Eric Verrecchia
Drage Harriet UNIL Email The evolution of exoskeleton moulting in Trilobita Professor Allison Daley
Dr Gregory Edgecombe, Dr Sebastian Shimeld, Professor Paul Smith
El Kateb Akram UNIFR Email Benthic foraminiferal biomonitoring: a low cost tool to evaluate anthropogenic impact: a case study in the Gulf of Gabes (Tunisia). Dr Silvia Spezzaferri
Eline Feenstra UNIFR Email Understanding the temporal and spatial variability of early diagenesis in carbonate mounds: in vitro experiments Prof. Anneleen Foubert
Eymard Ines UNIGE Email Approche In Situ et experimentale des Stromatolites du lac Cari Laufquen en Patagonie Daniel Ariztegui
Fantasia Alicia UNIL Email A sedimentological and geochemical analysis of Lower Toarcian sediments across a Swiss transect: Evaluating the impact of the Toarcian Anoxic Event Karl B. Föllmi
Farley Nicholas UNIGE Email Late Holocene climate variability in the South Pacific using Polynesian microatolls to produce the stable isotope climate signals. Elias Samankassou
Fau Marine UNIFR Email Comparative anatomy and phylogeny of post Paleozoic Asteroidea (Echinodermata) Pr. Walter Joyce
FENTIMEN ROBIN UNIFR Email Micropaleontology Title of the PhD project : "Faunal assemblages from active, declining and buried cold-water coral assemblages" Silvia Spezzaferri
Fischer Gyöngyvér, Jennifer UNIGE Email Géologie de la subsurface de Mayaguana (SE Bahamas). Pascal Kindler
Gegg Lukas UNIBE Email Pleistocene history of the Lower Aare Valley
Giaccone Elisa UNIL Email The influence of geomorphological parameters on vegetation in the Alpine periglacial environment Christophe Lambiel
Grégoire Mariéthoz
Gravey Mathieu UNIL Email Extracting new information from old satellite imagery by using n->m colorization Gregoire Mariethoz
Haddad Antoine UNIGE Email Fluid Migration in active tectonive environments. Greece. Matteo Lupi
Hamaekers Helen UNIFR Email Domaine: Microbial precipitation of Mg-carbonates Prof. Dr. Anneleen Foubert
Prof. Dr. Rudy Swennen (Belgique)
Hayman Stephanie UNIFR Email Foraminifera and carbonates as archives of sea level changes. Dr Silvia Spezzaferri
Prof. DIck Kroon
Honegger Louis UNIGE Email Climatic and δ13C signal in the marine and continental deposits of the early Eocene Pyrenean foreland basin, Spain Sébastien Castelltort
Hunger Gabriel UNIGE Email The Miocene Mariño Formation (central Argentinian foreland, Mendoza Region): a high-resolution study of sedimentary and palaeoenvironmental responses to tectonic and climatic forcing Andrea Moscariello
Irarrazaval Bustos Inigo UNIL Email Subglacial drainage modelling using multiple point geostatistics Gregoire Mariethoz
Jiwani-Brown Elliot UNIGE Email Monitoring the effects of seismic energy on the hydrothermal setting of the Irazu Turrialba Volcanic Complex Matteo Lupi -
Thomas Planes -
Lauper Bruno UNIFR Email Transition from Upper Opalinus Clay to Passwang Formation, northern Switzerland Prof. Anneleen Foubert
Dr. David Jaeggi (swisstopo), Dr. Gaudenz Deplazes (Nagra)
Le Cotonnec Aymeric UNIGE Email Dépôts fluvio-deltaïques du Carbonifère supérieur du Kentucky Andrea Moscariello
Lehmann Anaël UNIL Email Paleoecological indicators in lake sediments based on a multidisciplinary approach of endospore-forming Firmicutes and the chemical and isotopic composition of sediments and organic matter Torsten Vennemann
Leila Mahmoud UNIGE Email Sedimentology, organic geochemistry and reservoir characterization of the Upper Miocene sediments onshore Nile Delta, Egypt. Andrea Moscariello
Maillet Marine UNIGE Email Pennsylvanian coral reefs in Southern China Elias Samankassou
Martignier Agathe UNIGE Email Alkaline-earth metal precipitates in lacustrine environment: characterisation, spatio-temporal distribution and origin Daniel Ariztegui
Jean-Michel Jaquet
Micheletti Natan UNIL - Prof. S.N. Lane
Moradi Gelare UNIL Email Effect of the low momentum ratio on river confluences Stuart Lane (Unil)
Colin Rennie (uOttawa)
Negga Haileyesus Alemu UNIFR Email Coral reef and Microbialites of the Dallol depression, Afar, Ethiopia. Anneleen Foubert
Nigg Valentin UNIBE Email On-shore tsunami deposits in major Swiss lakes Prof. Flavio Anselmetti
Normand Raphaël UNIGE Email Geomorphological and sedimentological signals of deformation in a silent subduction zone: An investigation in the Makran (Iran) Dr Guy Simpson
Ordoñez Luis UNIGE Email Geochemical cycles in Lake Towuti, Indonesia and the dominant factors ruling Fe isotopes fractionation. Prof. Daniel Ariztegui
Pates Stephen UNIL Email Predation in the Cambrian Prof. Allison Daley
Prof. Peter Holland
Peyrotty Giovan UNIGE Email The Upper Triassic atoll-type carbonates of Japan : Sedimentology and high resolution biostratigraphy Rossana Martini
Quesada Román Adolfo UNIGE Email Deciphering natural hazard histories based on tree-ring analyses in contrasting tropical ecosystems of Costa Rica Markus Stoffel
Juan Antonio Ballesteros Cánovas
Randevoson Finaritra UNIL Email La voie oxalate-carbonate et les réservoirs de carbone du sol. Comportement des phases carbonatées et organiques en fonction des caractéristiques édaphiques Professeur Eric Verrecchia
Professeur Gabrielle Rajoelison ( Université d'Antananarivo, Madagascar)
Rasera Luiz Gustavo UNIL Email Fusing multiple sources of remote sensing data using textural information: high-resolution, high-frequency monitoring in alpine environments Prof. Grégoire Mariéthoz Prof. Stuart Lane
Rauch Anna UNIGE Email Evaluation of uncertainties in geological spatial data with focus on bedrock geology maps Sébastien Castelltor
Mario Sartori
Ricchi Emmanuelle UNIGE Email Age and crystallization duration of Alpine cleft monazite and correlation with tectonically-driven hydrothermal dissolution/precipitation events. Edwin Gnos
Urs Schaltegger
Rigoussen Dimitri UNIL Email Petrography and biogeochemistry of Quaternary carbonate deposits observed in the Chobe Enclave Botswana Eric Verrecchia
Rime Valentin UNIFR Email Basin analysis of the Danakil depression, Afar, Ethiopia Anneleen Foubert
Rowley Mike UNIL Email Investigating Ca-mediated soil organic carbon stabilisation at the Vallon de Nant, Vaud Alps. Eric Verrecchia
Stéphanie Grand
Rudaz Benjamin UNIL Email Dynamique sédimentaire torrentielle alpine, de l'érosion de chaîne par mouvement gravitaire à l'aléa local lié aux transferts de masse par les cours d'eau à régime torrentiels. Professeur Michel Jaboyedoff
Schaegis Jean-Charles UNIFR Email Carbonate Sedimentology
Scheidt Schmitt Nicole Cristina UNIFR Email Fault anatomy, porosity and pore connectivity: the La Sarraz Fault system Prof. Jon Mosar (UNIFR)
Prof Benoît Valley (UNINE) benoî Prof. Stephen Miller (UNINE)
Schoellhorn Iris UNIL Email Etude sédimologique et géochimique du Rhaetien jusau'au Pliensbachien (paléoclimats, paléoenvironnmenets et phosphatogenèse) Karl Föllmi
Stalder Nadja UNIL Email Interaction between climate, tectonic, and erosion
Stockar Rudolf UNIL Email Evolution of a Ladinian (Middle Triassic) intraplatform basin: Stratigraphy, microfacies and palaeoecology of the Meride Limestone (Monte San Giorgio, Canton Ticino, Southern Switzerland) Prof. Peter O. Baumgartner
Verónica Sofia Ferreira Antunes UNIGE Email Seismic activity in the Great Geneva Basin
Vimpere Lucas UNIGE Email Multi-scale quantitative sedimentology of Upper Pleistocene coastal dunes from the Northern Bahamas and Western Australia.
Waldvogel Marius UNIBE Email Waterproofing membranes with enhanced mechanical properties Prof. Dr. Marco Herwegh
Widmann Philipp UNIGE Email High precision dating of environmental responses during smithian-spatian biotic crisis URS SCHALTEGGER Professor Head of Isotope Geochemistry group rue des Maraîchers 13, office B53 +41 (0)22 379 66 38
YAO Franck Zokou UNIL Email evaluation du bilan ressources-demandes en eau pour une adaptation aux changements climatiques et anthropiques en zone soudano sahelienne d'Afrique de l'ouest: cas du bassin versant du Bandama blanc au nord de la Côte d'Ivoire Prof Issiaka SAVANE
Prof Emmanuel REYNARD