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Sultanate of Oman: Geological and sedimentological field course


29 janvier 2019 au 7 février 2019

Lang English
Responsable de l'activité

Rossana Martini


Prof. Rosanna Martini, University of Geneva

Prof. Philippe Razin, Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux, France


Prof. Philippe Razin, Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux


The aims of this field trip are: 1. To recognize the different structural and palaeogeographic domains of the obducted Mesozoic passive margin of the Neotethys in Oman 2. To reconstruct the geodynamic evolution of his margin from its creation during teh Triassic until present (Neotethys passive margin, Oman obduction, Zagros collision and recent uplift) 3. To recognize the different stages of evolution of the Cretaceous Arabian platform and the associated stratal geometries (platform drowning, large scale clinoformsprogradations, platform aggradation/progradation, organic -rich intrashelf basin developpement). A key example for carbonate sequence stratigraphy 4. To analyse carbonate gravity flow systems in various morpho-structural contexts: platform margin prograding clinoforms and real ocean-facing continental margin. Indicative program: Day 1: Travel to Muscat (Oman) Day 2 to 6: The Mesozoic carbonate sequence around the Jebel Akhdar and Adam Foothills (Nizwa area) Day 7 to 9: The Paleogene platform margin in Eastern Hajar (Sur area) Day 10: return to Genev



Sultanat d’Oman




Available places: 17
ATTENTION: If the number of registrants is higher, a selection of candidates will be made taking into account, in particular, the research subject of the candidate but also the year of enrolement for the thesis.

CUSO will support PhD students in the following way: All on-site fees since your arrival at the airport of Oman and your return back at the airport (accomodation, meal, transports to fieldwork areas) are covered.



Deadline for registration 29.01.2019
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